The Grands

The Grands

Conceived as a mix between the political powers of a Grand Moff and an increasing need to tie the control of civil affairs to a military command, a Grand Admiral or Grand General -colloquially known as a "Grand"- is charged with the annexation of new territory for the Empire, and the elimination of threats to the Empire as directed by the Emperor. Falling under the direct command of The Throne, a Grand will typically be the first Governor of a Sector or Oversector if it is formed outside of previously established Imperial territory, such as new territory obtained through military action.

The purpose of a Grand in such circumstances is to establish a reasonable amount of stability and ensure Imperial political and military dominance and control within the Sector or Oversector. To achieve this, a Grand is assigned Regional Government personnel in accordance with the standard allocations for Imperial Sectors, and military units as necessary. Once the Sector or Oversector has been secured for the Empire, and the political and military situation is stable, then the Governorship is transferred by the Emperor to Regional Government control.

A Grand is not a member of any specific branch, and falls under the command of The Throne. As such, the Grands are not members of the Council of Moffs, and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the High Moff; but will endeavour to liaise with the High Moff as to the status and development of any Sector or Oversector currently under the auspices of the Grand Admiral or Grand General.

Current Grands

Previous Grands
With such prestige in rising to the exalted rank of Grand Admiral or Grand General, in combination with their legendary prowess in tactics and strategy; each of the Grands throughout the history of the Empire that commanded Imperial Assault Forces is listed here.


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