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Imperial High Command

Imperial High Command (IHC) is a council of advisors and aides to the Emperor, with each member commonly charged with the administration of a specific division or branch within the Empire, or a sector or more of Imperial territory. This organization is composed of the branch leaders, Sector and Regional Governors, and government staff with significant remit across the entire span of the New Order. This collection of people comprise the upper levels of command in the Galactic Empire and are considered amongst the most powerful and influential people in the galaxy. Each is responsible for the strategic and operational performance of their assigned remit, as well as being collectively responsible for the overall implementation of the Emperor's strategic direction.

The Imperial Throne

Composed of the Emperor and his second in command, the Executor, The Throne is the highest level of authority within the Empire. Concerned with the strategic objectives, administration, and expansion of the Galactic Empire, The Throne wields supreme authority within the New Order to ensure the overall direction and cohesion of the vast government under its leadership. Assigning strategic objectives to the branch commanders and the Empire's high ministers, it is The Throne that embodies the will of the New Order, driving the Galactic Empire as the beacon of order and prosperity for both humanity and the lesser species of the galaxy.

Emperor of the Galactic Empire

The Emperor is the supreme commander of all Imperial forces and ruler of the Galactic Empire. As the direct representative of all citizens of the Empire and the embodiment of their will, his word is law, and he holds ultimate responsibility for making the decisions that dictate the expansion and administration of the New Order.

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Executor of the Galactic Empire

The Executor is the second in command of the Galactic Empire, and holds the authority to act on behalf of the Emperor on almost all matters of the New Order. Charged with the protection of the New Order, the Executor's role is to address and manage affairs in the Empire's administration, and the Executor is most often viewed as the Chief of Staff of Imperial High Command.

The Commission for the Preservation of the New Order Regional Government

Directed from on high by the Emperor through his agent, the Grand Vizier, the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) is a massive, inclusive, civic organization dedicated to furthering the aims and influence of the New Order. Whilst it is the majority political party within the Galactic Empire, COMPNOR is responsible for the management of the functions and administration of the federal civilian government.

The Galactic Empire is the largest government of the galaxy, spanning thousands of light-years in a massive, unified governmental system that extends from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim. To ensure proper management of the Empire, the Emperor delegates authority for the localized management of sectors, systems, and planets to a complex series of Imperial Governors that form a hierarchy to manage the application of Imperial law, development programmes, and the safety of the Empire in a regional capacity.

Chairman of COMPNOR
Minister of Industry
Minister of Interior
Minister of Culture

Chairman of the Council of Moffs
Governor of the Amber Region
Governor of the Emerald Region
Governor of the Ruby Region
The Imperial Navy The Imperial Army

The Imperial Navy is chiefly responsible for the policing, patrolling and defense of Imperial space. The Navy is also responsible for offensive actions and for the transport of army units into combat theatres. It consists of all capital ship units, logistics units and the Imperial Navy Starfighter Corps. Overseeing this massive branch is Navy Command (NCOMD) which is chiefly responsible for the administration, logistics, and policy of the Imperial Navy.

The Imperial Army is responsible for the defense and security of Imperial planets, and when required ships and stations. The Army is used for all land engagements, be it defending an Imperial planet or establishing peace and security on a non-Imperial world. Overseeing this large branch is Army Command (ACOMD) which is chiefly responsible for the administration, logistics, and policy of the Imperial Army.

Navy Commanding Officer

Army Commanding Officer
Imperial Intelligence The Order of the Sith

Imperial Intelligence is a highly professional civilian branch of the Galactic Empire that is responsible for the identification, analysis and mitigation of threats to the Galactic Empire from both internal and external sources. Imperial Intelligence's chief duty is to concentrate on analysis of strategic, operational, and tactical data streams through a variety of methods and advising the Galactic Empire on perceived and actual threats and opportunities.

The Order of the Sith is an ancient organisation of Force practitioners skilled in the ways of the Dark Side and followers of the Sith teachings. It is led by the Dark Lady and their Council, who set the goals and tasks of the Order in accordance with the aims of the Galactic Empire. Since the founding of the Empire, the Order has served the Emperor as an extension of his will and has drawn its recruits from the ranks of the New Order.

Director of Imperial Intelligence
Deputy Director of Imperial Intelligence
Dark Lord of the Sith
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