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Amber Region


The most geographically dispersed Region of the Galactic Empire, the Amber Region is distinctly divided into two components: the Kuat Oversector in the galactic core, and the far-flung Corporate Oversector at the galaxy's outer-most boundary.

Possessing the famed Naval Yard orbiting Kuat and the mysterious Sith Temple on Korriban, the Amber Region's influence stratches from the ancient and arcane to the leading edge of galactic technology. Considered the centrepoint of ship development for centuries, the coreward areas of the Region attract heady industry and scientific research which continues to push the development of spacecraft technology, making the Region a high-tech and wealthy component of the Galactic Empire.

Complementing the well-established core areas of the Region, the Corporate Oversector draws the bold and intellectual in different ways through the ongoin exploration and expansion of the Outer Rim. This gives the Region a strong draw for archealogists, explorers, settlers, and entrepreneurs hoping to build new industries on new-found worlds in the Outer-Rim.

Sector Staff

Grand Moff

Kuat Adjutant                         Corporate Adjutant                               2nd Imperial Fleet CO                                             2nd Imperial Legion CO

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