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Imperial Recruitment - Useful Links

This section#requires a series of links to pages that should give more information to a potential recruit to the Empire. All the documents here should be read by new Recruits as the information is extremely important, and sets the standards of behavior expected by all Recruits when entering the academy.

Basic Pay / Rank Chart
The basic pay and rank chart page gives you all the information about how many credits you will earn when joining the Empire, and how your pay will progress as you show your loyalty and dedication to the Imperial cause. Promotion works on a merit system which will be explained to you more in the Academy.

Species Policy
As the Galactic Empire prides itself on being the most elite force in the Galaxy it has been necessary to create a system of citizenship to reflect our beliefs. New recruits would be well to read this document to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment whilst at the Academy. As long as you are of good character however there is a place for all citizens in the Empire.

Imperial Criminal Code
Quite one of the most important links here, the Imperial Code of Laws sets down how all Imperial Citizens should behave, and what the repercussions will be if they do not. These laws are fair and the punishments proportionate to the crime, recruits would do well to learn them.

Imperial Academy
The first port for all new Recruits is the Imperial Academy School of Imperial Basic Training based deep in Imperial Space. All new recruits are assigned a Training Officer upon entering their Imperial Service. They will then be guided through the Imperial Academy's bespoke training package which will set them up for life in the Empire, and assist them in gaining the learning they#require for their selected branch.

Imperial Document Library
The Imperial Document Library is a good place to start for other policies important in the Empire not listed above. Your access to the Document Library will change as your security clearance improves during your service. You will also gain access to Department / Branch specific documents once you graduate from the Academy.

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