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Why Enlist With the Empire?

After the cultural and economic deterioration that followed the decline of the Galactic Republic, the Galactic Empire has sought to remain a bastion of order and peace, safeguarding the progress of galactic civilization against those that would seek to undermine it with chaos and conflict. To apply for service with the Galactic Empire, visit the Imperial Centre of Recruitment. There are many ways to have a distinguished career and demonstrate your loyalty to the New Order.

Regional Government

The Galactic Empire spans thousands of light-years in a massive, unified governmental system that extends from the Deep Core to the Outer Rim. To ensure proper management of the Imperial Sectors, the Emperor appoints Moffs to govern in his name. These Sector Governors assume responsibility for the disposition and application of the military forces assigned to their Sectors, oversee the mediation of the peace, address such issues as taxation as defined by the Imperial Treasury, represent the needs of the populace to the Council of Moffs, and arrange for relief to be granted through the Imperial Government.

Government careers can be both exciting and rewarding. Regional Government offers a broad range of career opportunities, from resource management to city planning, economic development to education, and much more. Government employees may be called upon to work in licensing offices, provide educational services to at-risk populations, distribute resources in concert with police forces during times of emergency, and to develop planets in conjunction with input from local businesses. Government jobs offer competitive salaries and benefits, including flexible work schedules, a comprehensive health package, and access to certain technologies reserved to Imperial citizens alone. To learn more, visit About Regional Government.

Imperial Navy

The Imperial Navy is the space warfare service branch of the Imperial Military and is the largest naval force in the galaxy. Specific responsibilities of the Imperial Navy include defending Imperial citizens from space-based threats such as pirates, smugglers, and other armed governments, enforcing Imperial will, and overseeing commerce through customs and blockade operations. As part of the Combined Arms doctrine of the Imperial Military, the Navy transports major Army deployments and provides them with space and aerial support.

  • Using state of the art technologies, Capital Command (CAPCOM) is characterized by the use of a range of capital ships that maintain a plethora of mission roles and capabilities, such as the Lancer-class Frigates used as escorts and the massive Super Star Destroyers used as fleet flagships. Highly trained in command and tactics, CAPCOM officers serve aboard support role capital ships such as the Carrack and Lancer Frigates, with the most capable and intelligent rising to command one of the mighty Star Destroyers that are the backbone of the thousands-strong fleet.
  • Taking control of one of the most advanced spacecraft in the galaxy — and pushing its performance to the limit — requires extraordinary skill and precision, and Starfighter Corps (INSC) pilots make it look easy. INSC pilots maintain space superiority by providing intelligence and quick response ahead of fleet operations, intercepting and engaging enemy forces found within Imperial territory, and striking at specific tactical targets. While successfully completing their missions is paramount, the role of pilots as leaders and character models is just as important since they train and command crews in addition to flying.

Imperial Army

The Imperial Army is the service branch of the Imperial Military responsible for planetary-based military operations. Given the mandate of protecting and enforcing the rule of Imperial law on the scores of sovereign Imperial worlds, the soldiers and officers of the Imperial Army rely on superior discipline, advanced weaponry, and courage to carry out their duty.

  • The Armour Corps utilizes superior firepower and speed and wields AT-STs and AT-ATs as infantry transportation and weapons platforms. Armour Battalions are the first combatants sent into battle to deal a crushing offensive against enemy forces - or as the first line of defense against an enemy advance - in order to weaken or neutralize the enemy forces prior to infantry contact.
  • Stormtroopers of the Infantry Corps are the elite ground troops and main force of the Imperial Army. They operate as frontline combatants, engaging the enemy after the initial assault by the Armour battalions, and are of primary importance in clearing structures on an assault - or protecting structures during a defensive - after the initial battle has subsided.
  • The Reconnaissance Corps is composed of Recon Lance units utilizing speed and manoeuvrability and piloting Cloud Car Combatspeeders as scouts and quick reaction forces. They are deployed as scouts to gather intelligence ahead of brigade operations, deliver intelligence on incoming enemy advances, find potential weaknesses to exploit or strengths to negate, and react swiftly to unexpected enemy advances so as to maintain a light, mobile defense on multiple fronts.

Ministry of Industry

The Ministry of Industry touches the daily lives of all Imperials in many ways, with a wide range of responsibilities in the areas of trade, economic development, technology, entrepreneurship and business development, and environmental stewardship. The Ministry of Industry works to strengthen the intragalactic economic position of the Empire and facilitates trade by opening up new markets for Imperial goods and services. Cutting-edge science and technology and a focus on research and development that moves quickly from the lab to the marketplace generates progress and opportunities. The Ministry of Industry also provides effective management and monitoring of the Empire's resources and assets to support both environmental and economic health. Thanks to the Ministry of Industry, citizens of the Galactic Empire enjoy ever-increasing standards of living. The nationalised companies under the authority of the Ministry of Industry are equal opportunity employers.

  • The Imperial Mining Corporation works ceaselessly to meet the demand for raw materials that are used in the creation of everything from homes to shipyards, stormtrooper armor to Star Destroyers, and weapons to droids.
  • Myorzo Weapons Systems is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced weapon systems, products and services for use by the Imperial Military.
  • The Correllian Engineering Corporation is the largest provider of spacefaring vessels to the Galactic Empire. The majority of the CEC's business is with the Imperial Navy as they hold the monopoly on Star Destroyer and TIE fighter production. The remaining portion of CEC's business is comprised of Imperial Union and some commercial sales of their products and services.
  • Kuat Systems Engineering is the leading manufacturer of military vehicular forces such as the fearsome AT-ATs, AT-STs, and Juggernauts. The high quality, technologically advanced vehicles of KSE provide mobility, firepower, and protection to the soldiers of the Imperial Army who seek to maintain peace and order in the galaxy.
  • Magnaguard Manufacturing prospers as primary droid manufacturer for the Galactic Empire. As one of the oldest automata producers in the galaxy, Magnaguard is established in a wide range of markets: astromechs (R3 and R5 models), industry (D8 Smelter and GNK Power Droid), intelligence gathering (2X-3KPR and Probe Droids), and heavy warfare with the highly capable Destroyer Droid.
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